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The Complete Java Developer Course: From Beginner to Master!
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: Beginner
  • Access 61 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

61 Lessons (9h)

  • Your First Program
  • Getting Started
    Section Overview1:57
  • Introducing Java
    Section Overview1:12
    Saying "Hello" to Java11:02
    Variables, Constants, and Data Types13:33
    Primitive vs Reference Types11:21
    Arithmetic Operators17:33
    Relational Operators14:02
    Logical Operators9:35
    User Input17:13
    Project - Average of Three5:56
    Project - MadLibs Clone17:14
    Section Wrap-Up1:19
  • Control Statements
    Section Overview1:40
    Control Statements Overview9:13
    Selection Control Statements20:39
    Repetition Control Statements17:02
    Continue and Break Statements11:23
    Random Numbers (Side Topic)10:06
    Project - Learning Packages of the Month Club10:09
    Project - Divisible by Three4:55
    Project - Guess the Number14:06
    Section Wrap-Up2:28
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
    Section Overview1:40
    Wrapper Classes10:48
    Project - Working with Arrays6:33
    Project - Working with ArrayLists8:15
    Project - Parallel Arrays/ArrayLists7:49
    Section Wrap-Up1:30
  • Strings and the StringBuilder Class
    Section Overview1:04
    String Methods, Part 112:55
    String Methods, Part 213:06
    The StringBuilder Class8:51
    Project - Name Permutations9:04
    Section Wrap-Up1:42
  • Methods
    Section Overview1:48
    User-Defined Methods, Part 114:29
    User-Defined Methods, Part 210:43
    Method Calls and Recursion13:54
    2D Arrays (Side Topic)12:13
    2D Arrays (Side Topic)5:25
    Project - Tic-Tac-Toe18:25
    Section Wrap-Up1:43
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
    Section Overview1:45
    Basics of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)3:20
    Encapsulation: Fields and Methods20:51
    A Rectangle Class15:54
    A Book Class11:55
    Project - A Bank Account Class11:59
    Project - An Ice Cream Class10:01
    Project - A Circle Class10:59
    Section Wrap-Up1:49
  • File I/O and Exceptions
    Section Overview1:17
    File Input19:05
    File Output8:29
    More File I/O11:48
    Project - Creating Rectangles from File11:32
    Project - Creating Circles from File10:21
    Section Wrap-Up1:39

The Complete Java Developer Course: From Beginner to Master!


Rob Percival | Codestars

4.5/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Rob Percival is a best-selling instructor that wants to revolutionize the way people learn to code by making it simple, logical, fun, and, above all, accessible. He created Codestarswith all other instructors to create & teach courses that are well-structured, super interactive, and easy to understand. Codestars wants to make it as easy as possible for learners of all ages and levels to build functional websites and apps.


Over 7.6 million developers worldwide use Java to create websites, build apps, and write programs - making it one of the most popular programming languages around! It's an all-purpose language that can run on any platform, it's quick, easy to learn, highly versatile, and there's a huge community of support online as well. This Java course is aimed at beginners and is designed to get students coding in Java as quickly and confidently as possible! There are practical, hands-on coding challenges in every lecture, so you can practice the code straight away and make sure you've mastered every line! In addition, you'll learn all the best tips, tricks, and theories behind the code while also building some exciting portfolio projects.

4.4/5 average rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Access 61 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Master the fundamentals of Java programming!
  • Learn all the tips, tricks, & theory behind the code!
  • Build exciting portfolio projects - put your new skills to work straight away
  • Upskill for a project or career change


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: desktop & mobile
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner
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  • Any device with basic specifications


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